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A Facebook User

I purposely read John's account of the crucifixion while I was listening to Christmas carols, and meditating on the birth of Jesus. I thought, like you did, about His mother, and what a sense of desperation she must have had at the cross. It must have looked like the end. She knew He was the messiah, but she must have expected something more triumphant. It taught me, when I think all is lost, God is still sovereign.

Brenda Jung

Bethany, thank you for taking the time to read my post and respond with this thoughtful comment. Thank you for sharing your biblical insight with me!

I think I understand the veneration of Mary. After having children, the image of the Virgin Mary cradling the baby Jesus in her arms is one of my favorite Christmas icons. I have a new appreciation for Mary at Christmastime (and Eastertime). Call me feminist, but I now have to view the life of Christ through his mother's eyes. This perspective actually helps me to appreciate the Gospel more, and to love Christ more, for which I'm grateful.

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