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Thankful as always for your honesty. I'm so sorry about your dad.

I remember getting to the point of the realization that life is hard and this is where we are at. Dreams were supposed to be fulfilled by now and are nowhere on the horizon. When my four were all very young I was certain that life had no meaning beyond diapers and sleepless nights and anything on top of that seemed like a cruel trick from God. But being on the other side, I look back and see His faithfulness in those really dry times when I felt nothing for Him. That is the craziness of His grace. He desires us when we have nothing and that's the best place to be. Praying for you.
Keep writing!


If you knew all the goods and bads of Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and Joyce Meyer, would you still be attracted to them? A partial view of reality is as dangerous as an overly romantanicized one.

I'm scared to think about how my life would be without God. Before, I had a life without God, and it was much unhappier than the one I have now. At least now, I have hope when I confront the sins of others and my own sin. God doesn't let me wallow there in sin, and for that I'm grateful.


im happy that youre blogging again. thank you for keeping it real sister. by losing our lives may we indeed find it and discover we are in the best company.

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