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I found your blog recently, and I truly appreciate your candor, and sharing your Christian walk. This is good. I have been thinking a lot about confession lately. I come from a Catholic background, and, separate from that, I believe that sins needs darkness to grow and thrive, that just like mildew, sin cannot flourish in the light. I also understand now why apologies from other Christians can sometimes ring so hollow. I know they are not horrified by what they have done, "It's all covered in the blood." They get quick and easy grace, and I am left with the consequence of their sin. I do not want to take God's grace for granted. We are living in a time in the Church when we are taught not to focus on our sin, move on, forgive yourself. Unfortunately this mentality does not take into account that sins are seldom committed against one's self. I am also not sure that the bible teaches us to move on quickly. From the studying I have been doing, God is much more interested in my good relationships with others, and with Him, than our relationship with ourselves. I know that wasn't the exact direction of your post, but these are the things God is showing me in His word right now.
Bethany Rogers

Brenda Jung

Bethany, thank you for your thoughtful comment. We do take God's grace for granted when we are not horrified by what we've done, like you said. I think you're right that the Bible does not teach us to move on quickly after we've sinned. The Psalms are filled with long descriptions of people experiencing the physical and emotional consequences of sin--their own sins and those of others. I agree that we are living in an age when focusing on sin is not encouraged. The problem is, we cannot appreciate the freedom of grace unless and until we appreciate the prison of sin.

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