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Carina L.

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing...I'm sorry for your loss.


Dont worry about being positive, you need to allow yourself time to grieve. I still have to allow myself days when I am just so angry, heartbroken and Im 18 months into my journey. Im sure when I am 18 years into it the pain will still be there.

My faith is strong and it does bring me so much comfort but i remember God cries with me to. Hold your children close and you will meet your beloved child again.

Sara x

K. Hankins

Hi Bren, Wow, thank you so much for sharing. Your writing brought me joy and to tears at the same time. We'll be praying for you as you deal with both the loss and the joy that is coming.


Your writing is a real encouragement to me. Maybe that doesn't mean much in the midst of your pain and loss. Hopefully it will one day. I too find great comfort in knowing that Jesus understands this grief and loss, he knows how painful death is. And one day, he will fix what is broken in this world. I look forward to that new earth, and being there with the daughter who has gone before me.

You are in my prayers.

Brenda Jung

Joy, thank you for taking the time to read my words. I am deeply moved by your loss, and deeply encouraged by your faith. Thank you.

D Murata

Brenda, sorry to hear of your loss. Sus and I were sad to hear of the miscarriage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog...I appreciate your honesty and Christ-centered perspective on life. You and the fam are in our prayers.

James K. Kim

Brenda, I'm so sorry to read this, but glad that the Lord is your comfort. I will pray for you.


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Brenda. I used to think a miscarriage in the first trimester was not such a bad blow, but that was before I was in my first trimester, fearing the worst and hoping for the best and scrutinizing my ever discharge like reading tea leaves, and before I cried (hard) in the car, alone, driving back from seeing the OB, in joy and relief after making it to the 4th month. Every child that dies is indeed mourned by its mother.

Michael Chung

Beautifully written. Such a sad story - but full of hope. I am truly sorry for your loss Brenda.

Mary Ann

Your story made me teary-eyed. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you will continue to feel the freedom to grieve for as long as you need to.

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